Mini Piano showcase screenshot
Virtual Keyboard
Optimized for Responsiveness.

Great Sampled Piano and 128 Midi Instruments.

Record and Share.

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KeyChord showcase screenshot
Piano Chords and Scales
Explore chords on the virtual keyboard
or on staff.

Toggle inversions, note names.

Perform reverse lookups.

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Fretter showcase screenshot
Advanced Chordfinder
Find basic and advanced chords
for all fretted instruments

Perform reverse lookups.

Hear how they sound.

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Addons Detector showcase screenshot
SDK Detection
Scan your apps for (unwanted) SDK's.

Monitor your notification area.

See what permissions are used.

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Contact showcase screenshot
Get to know each other
Ask each other questions.

Alternately more knowledge.

Different difficulty levels.

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Emo App showcase screenshot
Measuring Crowd Emotions
Select your location on the festival.

Indicate your own and the crowd's mood.

Earn and redeem free drinks!

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ESTHER showcase screenshot
Measure Activity
Plan your daily exercise.

See how you did.

Reflect on how it went.

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