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Measuring Crowd Emotions

For Shapers I have developed this Android Emo App for the TU Delft Industrial Design Department. It was used on the IO Festival 2013 succesfully.

The app consists of several screens. First the user gets instructions and information about the app, then he can select where he currently is on the festival. After that, the actual emotion measurement takes place using a circular slider. The user can indicate his own mood and that of the crowd. At the same time this location is also detected using wifi and cellular tower locations.
After he submits the data, the user is shown a wait screen where the amount of earned free drinks are shown. Here he can also reclaim his free drinks. After 30 minutes the user gets a notification informing him there is a new measurement waiting.

Technically this app had some interesting challenges. The circular slider needed to be built up from the ground, because no such view exist in Android. Also it needed to handle several layers that rotate or change opacity based on the slider position. On top of that, it needed to scale all layers correctly, when a user would have a very small screen.

The other interesting part of this app was the tear-away strip that is used to redeem the earned drinks. This is also a custom view. The user can swipe from left to right and tear away a strip until he is asked if he wants to finalize his action. Besides those 2 views, several other custom views were used, and a lot of work went into making sure the app worked well on different phone sizes.
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