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Piano Chords and Scales

This new version 2.0 has been featured on Google Play and made it to the top selling list!!

Keychord is the dynamic dictionary / reference app for piano chords and scales. Use it to find all the scales and chords! Also included is a 5 octave multitouch piano!

KeyChord is built around a visual keyboard that you can use to interact with the selected chord- or scaletype. You can for instance tap on a key to make it the root of the chord or you can longpress a selected chordnote to invert the chord to that position. Same goes for scales. Tap a already selected rootnote for different kind of information modes like note-names or intervals.

Everything is dynamic, we don't use a database to give you a few predefined chord locations, but we know how a chord works and let you select a chord everywhere you want.

  • 50+ ChordTypes
  • 100+ ScaleTypes
  • Note Names
  • Component Intervals
  • Reverse Chord & Scale Lookup, including Partial Chords
  • Inversions / Slashed Chords
  • Staff View
  • Favorite and recent Chordtypes
  • Hear every Chord and Scale
  • Full 5 octave multitouch piano from Mini Piano Pro
  • Record songs as midi and set them as ringtone
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