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Advanced Chordfinder

If you are looking for a chord reference app: this is what you need.

Fretter dynamically generates chord diagrams for every instrument and tuning. It supports slashed chords, and also does reverse lookups. Easy if you want to know the name of a chord you just discovered.

Diagrams can show intervals, note names, and can be strummed for playback.

Besides chords you can also explore scales.

Are you playing an instrument that is not in the app? You can add it as a custom instrument and/or tuning, and all the functionality is available just like built-in instruments.

Feature list:
  • Support for Guitar, 4,5-string Banjo, Ukulele, Mandolin, Bouzouki, Pipa and Lute
  • 50+ chordtypes
  • Tunings: 75+ predefined
  • Custom Instruments and Tunings
  • Reverse chord lookup
  • Added bassnote (C/D)
  • Scales
  • Full Inversions
  • Chord Intervals
  • Note Names
  • Hear how every diagram sounds
  • Left Handed Option
Also available in slightly different form for iOS and Windows Phone 7
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